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We chose 800Casting because it is a complete solution for our talent to showcase their work.
With one of the most detailed driven, high spec functions in any one software, 800Casting removes the need to forget or lose information because everything you need for your career can be in one place, securely.

In addition to the standard expected features of a software like this one, we have user-specific features that are key for any aspiring/professionally experienced talent wanting to stay organized, punctual and professional at all time while monitoring their career development.

There is a fee for 800Casting, this is optional for all of our talents. 


Talent Soup

Because we are a smaller agency, we chose Talent Soup as an additional Booker for us.  TalentSoup is A Talent Marketplace Booking Models, Actors, and "Real" People For Advertising Photo and Video Shoots.
We make selection, booking, payment and releases easy for clients and getting booked easily for talent. Talent signs up fast and free. 

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